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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

4-H Lending Library

The 4-H Council has purchased additional resources to help you with your 4-H project. These are available on a loan basis. It is requested that only one book/manual be checked out at a time and that it is returned within 2 weeks. A card will need to be filled out so we know who has the book/manual. These are not like the manuals that are already provided; these are new resources.
The Lending Library includes:
  • Cross stich and needle point patterns
  • 4-H Guidelines to Raising Chickens
  • 4-H Guidelines to Digital Photography
  • 4-H Guidelines to Dog Training and Tricks
  • Official Guide to Raising Better Rabbits & Davies
  • Standard of Perfection Standard Bred Rabbits & Cavies
  • Rabbit Resource Handbook
This is just the beginning! We plan on adding more.

Thank you to the 4-H Council and Steve Steen for their donations!

Contact the Extension office to borrow these materials.