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Monday, April 4, 2011

Summer internship position available

We are looking for 4-H members, 16 and older, or a former 4-H’er college student to serve as a part time intern at the Extension office this summer.

Interns will assist with the 4-H program and will learn valuable work skills.

The intern will receive training, will be given meaningful assignments and will be evaluated.

It should be noted that behavioral expectations and a dress code will be enforced.

While this position will be unpaid, in today’s competitive labor market undergoing such an experience is a great resume builder and a significant way to attract future potential employers to hire you.

If interested, mail your one-page resume and one-page cover letter to Renate. Feel free to contact her with any questions.

Her email is rjobst@purdue.edu or you can call her at 547-7084.