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Friday, October 21, 2011

4-H Enrollment is now available!

It's an exciting time for Perry County 4-H! It's open enrollment time! Remember, members have until Feb. 1 to enroll if they'd like to exhibit at the Perry County 4-H Fair. 

4-H Enrollment OptionsYouth now have two ways to enroll in Perry County 4-H. 
Option 1: Youth may enroll online at:  https://www.four-h.purdue.edu/enroll (Youth who enroll in this manner are not required to complete a paper 4-H enrollment form.) Option 2: Youth may complete a paper 4-H enrollment form as in the past.

4-H Program Fee Members in grades 3-12 pay $15 State 4-H program fee each with a maximum payment of $45 per family household address. Perry County 4-H is also charging $5 per member with a cap of $15. No family will pay more than $60 total per household address.
K-2 members enroll for $5 each. If family has already paid $60 fee, the Explorer fee will be waived. Again, No family will pay more than $60 total per household address.
Payment options: credit card (online only), check or cash. Please make checks payable to Purdue CES Ed Fund-Perry County.

All youth must complete an enrollment form (online or paper) with permissions indicated and pay the State 4-H Program fee and county fee to be officially enrolled in 4-H.

4-H Membership / Completion RequirementsKindergarten through second grade youth may enroll in Exploring 4-H.
Third through twelfth grade youth may enroll in traditional 4-H. These youth will be enrolled by grade in those projects where grade designations are indicated. They will be enrolled by year in projects that do not have grade designations.

To be considered complete a member must complete at least one of the projects in which they enroll each year.

Please see the current Perry County 4-H Handbook for project exhibit requirements and general 4-H information. The past year’s 4-H Handbook is available on the web at www.ag.purdue.edu/perry/Pages/4-HYouthDevelopment.aspx. New 4-H Handbooks should be available in the late winter months.

4-H Project Manual / Supply PolicyThe initially needed project manuals are provided by the Perry County 4-H Council at no cost to the 4-H member (not all projects require a manual). However, if it is necessary to replace these materials due to loss or other circumstances the member will be charged $5 per manual. Manuals are distributed to club leaders after information has been processed in the Extension office. Some project supplies are cost items available from the Extension Office, i.e. poster board, poster sleeve, salon print bags, electric, and possibly others.

 Project Drop / Add Date: Members may drop or add 4-H projects until June 1.

4-H Mailings and CommunicationPostal mailings of 4-H information will be sent to the 4-H member’s home address listed on the enrollment form. Newsletters are sent every other month (February, April, June, August and October and December.) When possible communication may take place via e-mail for those members/families providing the e-mail information. Please keep your address, phone number and e-mail address current with our office. If you do not wish to receive information through e-mail, do not provide the e-mail address.

Enrollment Form Explorers    (Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders)
 Enrollment Form Regular 4-Hers (3rd-12th graders) NOTE: This prints on 8 1/2 x 14 paper.

No member will be denied membership. To be considered enrolled, a member must make sure payment has been made. If there are concerns with paying the fee, contact a 4-H club leader or Renate at the Extension office. No member will be denied membership. If there are concerns with paying the fee, contact a 4-H club leader or Renate at the Extension office.

As always, if there are any questions, feel free to contact the Extension office at 812-547-7084 or email Renate at renatewarner@purdue.edu.