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Thursday, January 19, 2012

4-H Enrollment Has Looming Target Date for Those Who Wish to Exhibit at the County Fair

I just can't wait! No, I just can't wait to see how many of you will use the new online enrollment system! Remember, Perry County 4-H has open enrollment right now! Members who enroll by February 1 can exhibit at the 4-H County Fair.

So far we have only a handful of members who have enrolled. Don't wait until the last minute! Remember to enroll (either online or using paper.) We must have all proper signatures (remember that parents/guardians must sign AND members have to sign, too.) And we must have payments received in order for members to fully be enrolled.

Remember, you can enroll online. This link gives you the information on enrolling online. Or you can download a paper version and enroll.

Are you ready to join 4-H? It's open to all youth in grades kindergarten through 12th! We even have members from outside Perry County! Isn't that neat that they love Perry County's program so much they join us here!!!

Invite your friends, neighbors, EVERYONE! 4-H is for everybody!

Let's see how many 4-H members join this year! Let's really make it grow so we can keep making the best better!