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Friday, January 27, 2012

Enrollment Target Date is Almost Here!

Dear 4-H Families, It’s almost here! The 4-H enrollment target date! If members would like to exhibit at the 4-H County Fair, they must enroll by Feb. 1! That’s this WEDNESDAY! WOW!

Currently we have almost half of the total enrollments if we base it off of last year’s enrollment figures. It is not unusual for members to wait until the last minute, but we encourage you to take a moment and complete your enrollment at your soonest convenience.

Remember, we have an enrollment website that give options on how to enroll and answers many questions. If you enroll online, remember you must digitally “sign” several statements and you must pay (either pay online or in person to our Extension office.) If you enroll online, PLEASE REMEMBER YOUR PASSWORD and don’t go back in and create a new enrollment form. It is very confusing to our office. If you have any issues enrolling online, please call our office or email myself or our office manager Rhonda at rhauenst@purdue.edu .

Thanks and we can’t wait to see how many we will have join this year!