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Friday, February 10, 2012

Think Summer Fun in the Sun!

Perry County 4-H Families, There might be snow in the forecast for this weekend, but I’m thinking summer fun in the sun! That’s right…4-H Camp will be here before you know it!

4-H members in 9th-12th, this is just a reminder that 4-H Camp Counselor applications are due IN THE EXTENSION OFFICE by next Friday, February 17. All eligible members should have received a postcard in the mail. You may download an application by going to the 4-H Camp website: http://www.ag.purdue.edu/counties/perry/Pages/4-HCamp.aspx. The application lists the dates for planning meetings. Also, remember counselors that the 4-H Council pays for you to attend 4-H Camp if you are a counselor (since you will be working!)

For members who are in grades 3rd-8th, you may attend 4-H camp! The same website has an application. Postcards will soon be going out to families to let them know that we are accepting 4-H camp applications. The cost is only $50 per camper! That is because there were contributions made to the 4-H Council specifically to make 4-H camp more affordable!

As always, if you can’t print an application please contact our office and we would be happy to snail mail you one.

Don’t wait! Go ahead and book your spot now!